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제목 2014 KBL Pre-Draft Tryout & Draft
작성일 2014-03-28 오후 2:48:00 조회 30254
2014 KBL Pre-Draft Tryout & Draft

for Foreign players
(July 21st23rd, 2014, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.)


Korean Basketball League(KBL) Pre-Draft Tryout for Foreign Players will be held from July 21st(Mon) to 23rd(Wed), 2014 at Desert Oasis high school in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.
 ※ Draft will be held on July 23rd(Wed), 2014 at
Desert Oasis high school in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.
The players who are interested in playing in KBL for the 2014~2015 season, which will start from mid-October, 2014 and finishes on about April 2015, need to meet the qualifications as stated below, are requested to fill out the application form and send it via a fax or e-mail to the KBL office by May 27th , 2014(Korea Time).

A. Qualifications
    a. Player Qualifications
       1. Must have at least a high school diploma.
       2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
       3. Have not played in NBA teams for the recent three(3) years.
       4. Have not played in teams which qualified to the quarterfinals in the 
          Euroleague for the recent two(2) years.
       5. Players who have criminal records(homicide, arson, solidity, rape,  
          abduction, narcotic crimes and etc..) within last three(3) years WILL NOT 
          be eligible for participating the 2014 KBL Pre-Draft Tryout & Draft.
          * The criminal records include both misdemeanor and felony
    b. Agent Qualifications
       1. Must register as a KBL Foreign Player Agent.
          ※ To participate in KBL Pre-draft Tryout & Draft, a Player agent MUST be
             registered as a KBL agent
          ※To register as a KBL Foreign Player Agent you MUST have a valid FIBA
            and/or NBA Agent License
B. Required Documents
   B-1. Player
       1. KBL Tryout Application Form(must be signed by player)
       2. Resume(with a recent photo)
       3. Personal data(stats must be official game stats)
       4. A copy of University/College/High school diploma
       5. Letter of Recommendation(optional)
   B-2. Agent
       1. KBL Agent Application Form
       2. FIBA License (or NBA License) Copy
       3. Passport Copy

※ Must fill out every blanks related to “FIBA(or NBA)License”
※ Must submit every copies (License & Passport) to KBL
C. Application Deadline (Player & Agent)
      KBL Office must receive the application form by May 27th, 2014.(Korea Time)
D. KBL Pre-Draft Tryout & Draft
       1. KBL will draft maximum of 20 foreign players for the 2014~2015 season. 
          (10 teams will participate in the Draft)
       2. This is a Pre-Draft Tryout Camp by invitation only. KBL will screen all of
          the applications, and players who are invited for the Pre-Draft Tryout will
          be informed by June 2014.
       3. All of the invited players will be asked to send a registration fee of US
         $100 (non-refundable) to secure a spot at the Pre-Draft Tryout.
       4. Players who participate in the 2014 Pre-Draft Tryout, will be qualified as a
         replacement player for 2014~2015 season.
       5. KBL regulated foreign players’ salary as $35,000/month for 1st round
         picked players and $25,000/month for 2nd round picked players.
         Replacement players’ salary is also regulated as $25,000/month.
         * Above salaries are tax included
         * Incentives can be separated as follow KBL’s regulation
E. Inquiries
     Any questions regarding this event or about our league should be directed to the following E-mail address.
E-mail : draft@kbl.or.kr
Tel : +82-2-2106-3034
Fax: +82-2-2106-3094
Web-site : www.kbl.or.kr 
Address :  KBL Center 6th Fl. 2 Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-010
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