Greetings to fans!

 The Korean Basketball League (KBL) was established with the catchphrase Everlasting Match, and Passionate Emotion in 1997, and has become a representative professional sports organization in Korea with tremendous support from sports fans.

 KBL has been a pioneer in Korean professional sports for 18 years. From the past, through the advanced and globalized game operation, KBL has experienced great success in many areas such as promotion, marketing, and spectator participation. All of these were possible with the hard work of professional basketball-related staff and the continuous support from fans.

 KBL is the only Korean indoor sport that has over a million spectators every year. In 2013-2014 season, KBL has recorded the highest seat occupancy rate among all professional sports in Korea.

 We will do our best to operate high quality matches and to become a trusted basketball organization to fans. KBL will improve its system strictly follow the principles to operate the world-class league.

 We still remember in 1997, when we first established the professional basketball league. Just as when we first operated the league, we will have original ideas with passion to become one of Korea’s top professional sports.

 To become a professional basketball league which receives enthusiastic fans cheering and applause, we KBL, clubs, players will get together as one and do our best. We are pleased to have your unwavering love and support.

Thank you.